Attiva and Tag Manager Italy: new collaboration

One book to help companies and web professionals understand how the new Google Analytics 4 works and how to use it in their digital projects?
It exists and is called "Google Analytics 4 per chi inizia" the printed manual created by Matteo Zambon, co-founder of Tag Manager Italia, official Beta tester and first Italian popularizer of Google Tag Manager (GTM).
We at Attiva are pleased to have chosen Tag Manager Italia as an authoritative business partner in the field of digital analytics and to collaborate as distributors of "Google Analytics 4 per chi inizia" a training manual useful for all professionals and entrepreneurs managing digital projects.
Tag Manager Italia is an award-winning company specializing in the field of data tracking and digital analytics, which it addresses through its three business units:
  • Consulting: committed to supporting structured companies in implementing digital analytics at the strategic and operational levels.
  • Training: engaged in the creation of customized training sessions and targeted online training courses, including in particular the video courses "Made in Four" (the benchmark training course on Google Analytics 4), "GTM Server-Side" and "E-commerce in Google Analytics 4".
  • Research and Development: committed to creating software and novel tools that can make the daily activities of web marketers and web analysts more effective.
Specifically, "Google Analytics 4 per chi inizia" is a book entirely dedicated to the new version of Google Analytics and the profound change it has brought to the work of all web professionals. A real revolution because Google, after more than 10 years of honored service, has decided to pull the plug on the "old" Google Universal Analytics (GA3), which will forever stop collecting and processing new data as of July 1, 2023.
In other words, the most widely used web analytics tool in the world by companies and insiders will change its skin and every web project (websites, e-commerce, landing pages, etc.) will have to switch to Google Analytics 4 (GA4). What does the exit of the "old" Google Universal Analytics (GA3) entail?
Basically, the entire system of tracking, collecting and analyzing data that web professionals have been using to date to make decisions for their web marketing strategies will stop working.
In the face of this momentous change in the world of digital analytics, the need arises to train and educate all practitioners with a special focus toward the less experienced and those without technical expertise in the field through a practical printed manual that provides all the key pointers for:
  • Understand in a simple way how GA4 works
  • Learn how to use this tool effectively to migrate their projects from GA3 to GA4

The daily commitment shared by Tag Manager Italia and Attiva SpA in supporting companies and professionals, respectively, with digital analytics solutions and with the supply of information technology, has given rise to a collaboration between these two entities recognized in their respective fields.
Specifically, Attiva SpA, in addition to making available the purchase of "Google Analytics 4 per chi inizia" within its online shop, will take care of and manage the entire process of storage, transport and delivery of the manual throughout Italy through its distribution network.

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