How Data-Aware are we?

How Data-Aware are we? This question was the common thread that guided the discussion between experts and our vendors during the Attiva Incontra event, held on Wednesday, March 22, 2023 in Ruote da Sogno (RE).
Cyber attacks are on the rise, especially in Italy, but protection does not only come through cybersecurity solutions. That's why it is crucial for companies to be aware of the value of their data-both internal data and data released to third parties-so they can take the right measures to better manage, control and protect it.

The topic is hot and during the Attiva Incontra event it was possible to address it from different points of view, thanks to the participation of some of the most authoritative experts in the IT sector, such as Riccardo Meggiato, Incident Response and Computer Forensics Consultant, Giorgia Paola Dragoni, researcher at the Politecnico di Milano and member of the Clusit CTS, psychologist Filippo Zizzadoro and Matteo Zambon, CTO & Co-Founder Tag Manager Italia.
The picture that emerged from the discussion is not the most comforting. Certainly the geopolitical context and the pandemic have played a key role in raising awareness about the centrality of data and the technological solutions to protect it, with a relevant increase in cybersecurity spending of 18 percent between 2021 and 2022.  However, investment in Italy is still too low (corresponding to only 0.10 percent of national GDP) and there is still much to be done. In fact, cybercrime today has become a real business because hackers have understood what the real value of data is and are moving to take maximum economic advantage of it. Analysis of known cyber incidents in 2022 shows a clear prevalence of cybercrime attacks, which numbered more than 2,000 globally, or 82 percent of the total, up 15 percent from 2021. For Italy, the percentage rises to 93 percent, up 150 percent from 2021.

However, a positive note also emerged during the panel discussion: these are the legal regulations put in place today by institutions, showing the long-awaited awareness. 
Action is needed, immediately. Rugby Champion & Motivational Speaker Mauro Bergamasco also emphasized this: in order to face and overcome the challenges of the IT world, one must play as a team and have the right skills. This is the right spirit to succeed.

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