Mac Studio sets a new standard for versatility.

The new Mac Studio takes power to a whole new level. Thanks to its extraordinary versatility will be the ideal workmate to create at the highest level.
Thanks to the processor M1 MAX or the exclusive M1 Ultra everything you imagine you can do: performance at least 3.8 times faster than the previous iMac and a CPU up to 90% faster than the Xeon 16-core processor, its predecessor.

Mac Studio isn't just updated in performance, though. The design is the same with which we are used to the house of Cupertino but the size has been revised. Mac Studio occupies only 19.7 cm x 19.7 cm and a height of just 9.5 cm. Despite the reduced dimensions, inside the chassis hides a special system of fans that allows the dispersion of heat on more than 4000 points of perforation.

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