TheraFace PRO. The evolution for your face.

An All-In-One that marks a further evolution for wellness. With 8 products in 1, taking care of your face has never been more effective.
Every face is unique and Therabody has accustomed us that everyone needs care. For the first time, the brand's expertise and technology are combined in a single product that allows you to personalize your facial care to the fullest by making it routine.
The new device, approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), offers different multifunctional facial treatments. They include microcurrent therapy that tones the skin, light that rejuvenates, Cryothermal Technology that relieves tension and even innovative percussion therapy.
The question comes up: Does this technology really work? Therabody has not only designed a product but re-thought an experience. In order to achieve this, the US company worked hard leading a clinical study with 35 participants, aged 25 to 61, with any skin type and complaining of patchy tone, lack of elasticity, blemishes and wrinkles.
Participants completed a 6-minute routine, 6 days per week. During this trial, they tested multiple modalities-percussive therapy and LED lights-then made themselves available for a 45-minute session (one day a week) during which they used each TheraFace PRO treatment. These were the results observed after the 12-week trial:

- 94% noticed an overall improvement in their skin;
- 89% observed a decrease in wrinkles and/or skin blemishes;
- 89% felt their skin rejuvenated, radiant and glowing;
- 89% could observe an improvement in facial contour, including muscle tone and skin tightness.
All of this provides tangible evidence that we are dealing with a product that makes personal well-being a winning factor.

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