TooA: an ice cream 100% Made in Italy. At your home!

Italians and ice cream, a timeless love. Ice cream represents one of the most beloved delicacies in our country, in fact, and being able to enjoy it easily and at any time of the year even at home can definitely make a difference.

The TooA ice cream machine is the perfect ally that can offer an intense, authentic, immersive and 100% Italian experience. Characterized by the use of a revolutionary technology which is unique in the market, this machine makes ice cream in just a few minutes and with high-quality, all-natural ingredients and no added conservatives. 

TooA also stands out for a great attention to the environment. In fact, the preparations do not need refrigeration but take advantage of an environmentally sustainable cooling system and are comfortably contained in special brik, the TooABrik. These are single-portion format containers made of Tetra Pak, which can be stored at room temperature and are designed to significantly reduce CO2 emissions at all stages of the product life cycle, from transportation to recycling.
To make the user experience even smarter, TooA has developed a proprietary application that allows users to update their ice cream machine at any time, to scan the brik to get the perfect flavor mantecatura, and to choose the ideal texture.
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