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Attiva Evolution

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Attiva Evolution is the business unit of Attiva born in 2015 with the specific task of placing as a Value Distributor on the entire Italian territory.

In order to provide its customers with the best technological solutions, the business unit selects in detail the most prestigious vendors in the IT sector in order to be able to respond properly to the growing complexity of the market.
Attiva Evolution wants to be a reference point and a reliable partner in four specific areas - characterized by great innovation - such as Data Protection & Compliance, Data Storage & Recovery, Communication & Collaboration and Data Infrastructure & Business Continuity.

Passion, liveliness and team spirit are the characteristics that distinguish the entire work of the Attiva Evolution team, composed of highly skilled professionals both from a commercial and technical point of view. Being at the service of its customers, sharing know-how, assisting customers in every detail and development phase are the hallmarks of this business unit.  In fact, the task of Attiva's business unit is to provide support to Dealers, VAR and System Integrators in all the steps of the distribution process following a highly collaborative and participative approach to contribute to the maximum customer satisfaction and business growth.

Technologies distributed by Attiva Evolution


Data Infrastructure & Business Continuity

A data infrastructure contains all the resources that help a company to manage its business and therefore its growth. Nowadays it should be considered as a digital infrastructure on which is based the use of data and the sharing of vital information for the proper development of any business process. Proposing solutions capable of guaranteeing organizations full efficiency, speed and continuity is our primary objective. These aspects are combined with the constant challenge of overcoming the idea that an infrastructure must necessarily be complex to be effective.


Data Protection & Compliance

In any business environment the security of information - designed to maintain the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data - plays a crucial role in the proper functioning of the company itself and the ability to defend and grow its business. One of the most problematic aspects of cybersecurity is the nature of the risk or rather its constant transformation and evolution. Therefore, it is often unpredictable. Our task is to compete with this unavoidable perspective, selecting the most advanced technologies to give the best answers at the right time.


Data Storage & Recovery

In addition to human resources, the digital data are the real asset for any company and they are the greatest value you can have regardless of the quantity. That's why the tools and solutions with which they are stored temporarily or permanently can make a huge difference. Maintaining their integrity over time, considering their evolution, archiving information preserving them for future use, ensuring their full and immediate recovery in case of loss: these are the "duties" of any good company. And we have the responsibility to provide the most advanced solutions.


Communication & Collaboration

Communicating and collaborating are essential elements for the development and smooth running of any business activity. The management of these aspects can clearly determine not only the quality of interaction between people but also the productivity of individuals. Accessing unified communication environments from different locations, creating a rapid and instantaneous flow of information exchange can reduce the cost and time wasted in physical movements or waiting for answers, thus improving operational efficiency. And it is in this direction that we move to choose the most innovative solutions to facilitate connections between people.

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