How to buy in Attiva

Are you an IT reseller and want to become our customer? The procedure is really simple.
Use the easy procedure to request access to the reserved area of the site and fill in all the sections by sending the Chamber of Commerce certificate.
For any information, please contact our commercial support staff at the following telephone number: 0444.240641.
Once you have received the confirmation of your registration and the access password by e-mail, you will be able to consult the reserved area of the site and place orders in the following ways:


  1.  Preamble
    All commercial relationships between ATTIVASpA and its customers are governed exclusively by these general conditions of sale. Any exceptions or special conditions must be agreed upon in writing with ATTIVASpA. These general conditions, as well as any special conditions, are understood to be accepted by the Customer even if they differ from the general or special conditions of purchase of the Customer. These last ones will bind ATTIVA only if expressly accepted in written form. The customers of ATTIVA are exclusively subjects whose activity consists in the resale, distribution, consultancy or integration, of computer products, for consumer electronics, photography, networks and communications in general. These general conditions of sale may be subject to changes, even without notice, which will take effect from the date of publication on the website
  2. Prices and availability
    In the absence of different contractual provisions, the price lists and commercial offers of ATTIVA are those published on the site reserves the right to change prices even without notice. The prices applied are ex warehouse, excluding shipping and collection, VAT and taxes. The availability of products is generally indicated on the site and updated every 15 minutes (from 07:00 to 20:00), this frequency is considered sufficient to ensure very reliable information but can not exclude, as a limitation case, that a product listed as available at the time of the online order may not be assigned to the order itself.
  3. Orders of products
    ATTIVA accepts from registered customers orders sent via the Internet through the site www.attiva.comoppure by fax, email as an email attachment. In the case of sending by email orders should be sent only to the email address In the case of shipment through Internet the order acquires a procedural precedence regarding the other systems that require a phase of control and imputation not automatable. In all the cases the acceptance of the orders from part of ATTIVA can be verified inside the reserved area in the section orders. Modifications or cancellations, even partial, of the orders will be valid only after explicit acceptance by ATTIVA; the orders on customized products (B.T.O.) or however on products expressly ordered by ATTIVA to its own supplier, are not cancellable.
  4. Delivery terms and order processing methods
    The orders are considered accepted with reserve both for what concerns the quantities and the delivery terms. No responsibility will derive to ATTIVA in case of delay, postponement and reduction of the quantities in the execution of the orders, except in case of negligence or fault attributable to ATTIVA itself. Every single order or delivery is considered autonomous and independent from every other order or delivery. Unless otherwise agreed, shipments will be carried out carriage paid, with charge in the invoice of the relative amount. The responsibility of the transport is attributable to ATTIVA only for deliveries made by courier of its choice. In case the carrier has been indicated by the customer, ATTIVA will not be responsible for any shortage or damage. If discrepancies or anomalies are detected during delivery, they must be highlighted in the accompanying document and confirmed to Attiva within 10 days by registered letter or email. The customer assumes full responsibility for his declarations.
  5. Payments
    The goods supplied by Attiva are usually paid by Credit Card or by Bank Transfer in advance. Different methods of payment and deferment of payment can be agreed in advance with the Commercial Department. Payments by bank transfer should be made on these coordinates: Banco Popolare - I.B.A.N. IT 11 R 05034 11808 000000002357 Attiva acts in compliance with the obligations deriving from Law 136/2010 and 217/2010 on the traceability of financial flows; failure to comply with these obligations on the part of customers will result in the forfeiture of any contractual obligation towards them. In case of insolvency or anomalies in payments by the customer, Attiva reserves the right to suspend the shipment of goods./div>
    Attiva agisce  nel rispetto degli obblighi derivanti dalla legge 136/2010 e 217/2010 sulla tracciabilità dei flussi finanziari; il mancato rispetto di tali obblighi da parte del clienti comporta la decadenza di ogni impagno contrattuale nei confronti di questi.
    Nel caso di insolvenze o di anomalie nei pagamenti da parte del cliente, la Attiva si riserva di sospendere la spedizione della merce.
  6. Return of products
    The return of purchased goods can be requested to ATTIVA using the appropriate on-line procedure. After providing the reasons for the request and the details of the supply, the customer can return the goods after receiving the Return Merchandise Authorization (R.M.A.), issued by ATTIVA. The shipment must be made within 20 days from the issuance of the R.M.A. number, carriage paid to the warehouse of ATTIVA and in accordance with the conditions expressed in the document of issuance of R.M.A. For some products, or in any case for products returned in a non-optimal state, may be applied a deduction on the amount of the credit after the return.
  7. Disputes
    For any disputes that may arise, the exclusive jurisdiction is the Court of Vicenza.


Payments must be made in one of the following ways:
  1. Cash on delivery
    by bank draft or cashier's check. The cash on delivery shipments will be made through the carrier with us agreement TNT.
    Shipping costs: equal to 0.5% of the taxable amount with a minimum charge of 9.00 EUR. Cash on delivery charges: equal to 9.00 EUR. Minimum amount ordered: 100.00 EUR + VAT. Maximum orderable amount: 500.00 euros + VAT.
  2. Transfer
    Once the order has been sent, wait for the issue of the PROFORMA INVOICE that will be sent by e-mail by one of our operators, after having reserved the products object of the order. The evasion of the order will be subordinate to the receipt of a confirmation of happened payment (CRO to send by fax to the number 0444.240160 or by email). While waiting for this documentation, which must be verified within the banking circuit, Attiva will reserve the ordered material for a minimum of 4 working days. Shipping costs: equal to 0.5% of the taxable amount with a minimum charge of EUR 9.00. Minimum order amount: 250.00 EUR+VAT.
  3. Credit Card (via internet)
    The payment will be managed in a protected area through the site @POS - SIA SSB; VISA and MASTERCARD cards are accepted. 
    The delivery of the goods is foreseen only in "single delivery" mode. Verify the availability of the products at the moment of the order.
    Shipping costs: 0.5% of the taxable amount with a minimum charge of 9.00 euros. Minimum order amount: 100,00 euro+VAT. Maximum amount varies depending on the availability (residual credit) of the credit card used.


  1. Shipment notification
    Our shipping system will immediately notify the e-mail address you provided the shipment of the material, with details of products and reference of the carrier.
    In the case of shipments by UPS, you will also be notified of the tracking number for quick identification at the site of the carrier of the status of the shipment.
    You can also view all your shipments of the last 15 days in our site at any time.
  2. Transport and risks
    Attiva is responsible for any anomaly in the transports when they are carried out with couriers of its choice. In any other case, from the moment of delivery to the carrier, the goods travel at the recipient's risk.
    Upon receipt of the goods, the customer must verify the integrity of packages and quantitative and qualitative correspondence with what is indicated in the accompanying document, reporting any anomaly in the document itself. In any case, any type of dispute will be considered only if confirmed by registered letter or email to Attiva SpA within 10 days of receipt of goods. Any report after this deadline will not be taken into consideration. The recipient assumes full responsibility for what has been declared.