Attiva and EIZO to redesign Smart Working

The Covid-19 pandemic that affected the entire world not only showed how incredibly interconnected everyone's lives are these days, but also made us aware of the ongoing need to have to re-adapt to unfamiliar situations as well as emergencies.
One of the social arenas most affected during the two-year pandemic is definitely the world of work. The need to be able to operate independently of place and distance has enabled the expansion of new modes and forms of work; particularly smart working. Agile work has therefore undergone a mighty rise, soon crystallizing into a new mode of collaboration between people.
Balance and flexibility the watchwords. Conscious of the need to overcome organizational difficulties dictated by restrictions and the risk of contagion, a choice was made at Attiva that was as necessary as it was courageous: to equip all employees with two monitors; one to be kept permanently at Headquarters and the second to be left at home for smart working activities.
But how is such an operation accomplished? By relying on the right partner; EIZO

We tell you about it at this link.

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