The Everyday Heroes celebrated in Catanzaro.

Last November 24 in Catanzaro we were protagonists of the Everyday Heroes event, a day of experience and technical expertise related to the world of professional drones. Together with us, DRON-E, a local DJI partner since 2015 that with expertise and experience acquired in the field has been able to achieve DJI Enterprise Dealer certification over the years.
It was a day full of events - the only stage for Southern Italy - designed to celebrate everyday heroes, such as professionals employed in public safety, emergencies, construction and energy; indistinctly whether they belonged to the public or private sector.
The event featured DJI M30T drones and the new Mavic 3 Enterprise, all equipped with LiDAR photogrammetric survey sensors. The products proved to be outstanding due to the real-time transmission of images, the provision of both zoom and thermal cameras in a very small size, and, finally, the great flight autonomy. 
Therefore, these are indispensable tools in various fields: public safety, surveillance, landslide and infrastructure monitoring. And the time is now ripe to give the right boost to a growing sector, not only with the support of manufacturers, but also of public institutions, since, thanks to these tools, prevention and emergency can be faster and more efficient than ever.

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