EIZO CS2400S ColorEdge, the 24" Graphic Monitor for Demanding Creatives

Color accuracy is a serious matter. The EIZO CS2400S screen with IPS panel is capable of covering the entire AdobeRGB space and almost the entire CMYK ISO-Coated V2 (99%) printing workspace, preserving the rich hues offered by modern cameras, without loss of information and simulating the printing result through the monitor (soft proof).

With its native resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels, high contrast ratio of 1350:1 and maximum brightness of 410 cd/m2, the monitor offers superior visual quality and extremely realistic sharpness. Graphic elements and photos are displayed with absolute precision, contours look distinct and accurate. In addition, the panel with IPS (Wide Gamut) technology offers a wide viewing angle of 178° and optimal visibility.

The color table (Look-Up-Table) of the CS2400S model handles 16-bit color depth and is capable of returning billions of colors. This greatly increases the number of colors to make use of while preventing any posterization or scaling effects (banding), alterations and loss of information in non-reproducible dark tones (clipping) or highly saturated areas.

Digital Uniformity Equalizer (DUE) technology adjusts and neutralizes fluctuations in brightness and color, providing uniform colors that are stable over time and ensures color matching essential for processing, correcting and editing images in post-production via computer.
Work with maximum comfort for the well-being of your eyes
EIZO products are not only designed to offer superior performance, but also the ergonomics that all professionals need. For example, flicker-free technology eliminates screen flicker effects and ensures unprecedented viewing comfort at every brightness level, preventing eye fatigue during prolonged monitor use. Finally, the anti-glare treatment, flexible stand, and mobility of the screen make it truly perfect to meet all needs while protecting the physical well-being of the user.

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