HORIZON Ultra, the innovation of the home movie theater

XGIMI's HORIZON Ultra is the world's first and only home model with Dual Light technology - Laser and Led sources - long range with Dolby Vision support.
With this innovative hybrid system, hardware-grade computing optics unique until now only to high-end projectors, low-latency game modes, and a unique, modern design, HORIZON Ultra ensures that you have a movie theater-like viewing and entertainment experience in your home.
The brightest and most accurate colors ever
The Laser-LED Dual Light hybrid system allows XGIMI HORIZON Ultra to harness the best of both technologies to create a continuous natural spectrum with an ultra-wide color gamut, ultra-high brightness, and extremely accurate colorimetry. This new system boasts 2300 ISO Lumens, offering XGIMI's brightest display to date, a 77 percent increase over the HORIZON Pro model.
Intelligent adaptation to the environment
In HORIZON Ultra, thanks to Intelligent Screen Adaption 3.0 (ISA 3.0) technology, hitherto incorporated only in projectors for movie theaters and luxury markets, users can enjoy a perfectly aligned, distortion-free image without the hassle of manual adjustments. ISA 3.0 also includes the brand new Wall Color Adaption function that automatically adjusts brightness and tones to optimize the screen according to the color of the wall on which the image is projected.
The projector of choice for gamers
An additional benefit of HORIZON Ultra concerns the gaming world. In fact, the device features a brand new gaming mode with professional-grade low latency (18 ms). It supports 4K at 60Hz, so avid gamers can enjoy high refresh rate and low input lag, with guaranteed smooth and responsive games.

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