Handle stress, sleep better and live healthy with Fitbit Sense 2

September has always been the month of restarting. Loaded with good resolutions and new projects, it's the time of year when you get back on track with your routine and with a focus on healthy habits as well. Fitbit Sense 2 is the perfect ally for those who want to get going again...but in a smart way!

With its lightweight, slim design and new embossed strap attachments, Sense 2 is the must-have device for your daily routine: as much in your workout as in your sleep. Having access to key health and wellness data has never been easier. In fact, with Fitbit Premium, you can monitor and track personal trends with personalized recommendations and video sessions on exercise and meditation.


Among the most important features are continuous monitoring of body parameters to better manage stress, sleep tracking that allows you to create a real profile on the quality of rest, and monitoring of heart rate and SpO2 (oxygen saturation). But these are just some of the enormous capabilities this smartwatch is capable of.

Once connected to your smartphone, Fitbit Sense 2 allows you to stay connected at all times: receive notifications, download fitness apps, or pay quickly at stores. It will be like wearing an extension of your device. But if that's still not enough, you can use the built-in voice assistant to send quick, spoken responses, simply from your wrist!

To conclude, the autonomy also surprises. In fact, Sense 2 allows you to record fitness activity for more than 6 days without the need to attach it to the power supply, while with only 12 minutes of charging you can have a full day of battery life.

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