Gaming goes bigger with XGIMI HORIZON Pro

Italians are increasingly passionate video gamers. This is confirmed by data from the latest report released by IIdea, the association representing the video game industry in Italy. In fact, there are 15.5 million Italians who are dedicated to this form of entertainment, registering a steady growth since 2019: we play more games - with an average of 8.7 hours per week - and especially through the use of consoles (+21.6%). 
Certainly, having the right tech allies is a key element in ensuring optimal gaming time. And for those who do not want to give up an even more immersive experience, then here is where the projector represents the new frontier for gamers, offering high image and audio quality and an unprecedented feeling of involvement.
The XGIMI Horizon Pro is the ideal gaming partner, thanks to its compatibility with major consoles such as Switch, PlayStation and Xbox, immediate access to a vast universe of Android games through Google Play, and a host of must-have features for all gamers, starting with brightness. As many as 2,200 lumens are available to Horizon Pro, perfect for making huge and extremely bright screens, with 4K HDR10 resolution and, above all, a latency of less than 35ms, which is very important for gamers, who used to see their games penalized by a truly unbearable wake effect. The 35ms brings this phenomenon below the threshold of intelligibility, dismissing it as a thing of the past. Moreover, the internal speakers, supplied by Harman Kardon, are high-powered and driven by a Dolby Audio (DD/DD+) and DTS-HD compatible DSP, perfect for not missing any detail.
Many features, also, have been fielded to improve images and the overall gaming experience. AI (Brightness Adjustment) that picks up ambient lights and adjusts brightness accordingly, an effective INR image noise reduction system, and Clarity Enhancement to improve detail, especially for very large screens. 
In addition, this projector is super easy to set up, thanks to a number of technologies that simplify any operation, such as Intelligent Image Alignment (ISA), Automatic Keystone Correction, Auto Focus, and a smart system that avoids obstacles between the projector and the screen, thus forgetting about time-consuming set-up operations. Also excellent is the extensive connectivity, 2XHDMI (one ARC) and 2XUSB, Bluetooth and WiFi as well as digital (optical) or analog (3.5 mm) audio outputs, the latter allowing gaming headsets such as EKSA and Razer to be used as well.
Finally, the LED light body's battery life ensures up to 30,000 hours of gaming, with an impressive 0.47-inch DLP projection chip for long-lasting images without compromise. Horizon Pro comes with a stylish Bluetooth remote control for all functions.

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