The right technology device for your passion

For sports, wellness, gaming and any other passion, it needs the right device. In fact, the product portfolio of the leading Italian distributor of consumer electronics includes the best ranges of devices and accessories from the world's top brands, capable of satisfying every user, even the most demanding. And there is no better occasion than the holidays during the year-end festivities to experience the quality, performance, design and premium user experience they can offer. For the whole family, away from the office and school, it's time to indulge in their favorite activities and immerse themselves in their passions. Here are a few suggestions.
On the slopes with GoPro HERO12 Black
For sporty, snow-loving dads, Attiva suggests this year's all-new GoPro HERO12 Black for filming the best moments on the ski slopes. With almost twice the battery life of the previous model and the ability to capture 4K/120 fps and 5.3K/60 fps video, it is the ideal witness to the most tightrope walking and exciting feats. And among the highlights of the HERO12 Black is the new MAX 2.0 lens mod accessory for a 177-degree shooting angle, the widest on the market, for smooth and perfectly stabilized 4K/60 fps videos. Three field-of-view settings to capture video and stills - Max Wide, SuperView Max and the all-new ultra-immersive Max HyperView - and thus take full advantage of the sensor's extra-large 8:7-format capabilities with perspectives 36% wider in panoramic and 48% higher in vertical video than the standard HERO12 Black lens. Any scene will be captured in the best possible way for adrenaline-pumping, immersive videos. And battery life, up to 2.5 hours of recording time, will never be a problem.
It's time for wellness with Theragun PRO
Let's leave the adrenaline for dads, because for moms it's time to relax with Theragun PRO by Therabody, the world's best massage device. A massage session, deep and personalized, is a real plunge into well-being that eliminates any stress of everyday life and allows perfect recovery of muscle tone and offers relief from any pain. 
Theragun PRO brings with it the new second-generation EQ-150 brushless motor, which is even more powerful, quieter and smarter. It features six high-quality heads with customizable speed (1,750 to 2,400 ppm), patented triangle handle and ergonomic design. In addition, it allows a choice of four routines - Sleep, Warm-up, Recovery and Theragun Pause - to give answers to every need. And its use is even easier with the Therabody app to install on your smartphone.
Gaming never so compelling with Backbone ONE
Let's leave the adults to their favorite activities and think about the serious stuff: games. Yes, because Blackbone ONE takes every title to a new and more compelling level in an experience unparalleled in the world of mobile gaming. Simply plug your smartphone into Backbone ONE and install the dedicated app to start playing your favorite mobile, console, and Pc video games like never before. 
Thanks to the buttons, four-way pad, triggers and analog joysticks, you will get incredible gaming performance with perfect control of the action and characters, even in the fastest scenes, because Backbone ONE is the lowest latency gamepad on the market. What's more, it requires no charging because it is powered directly by the smartphone, for endless gaming sessions. Finally, the Backbone app allows you to launch any game, for maximum ergonomics of use, whether it is on the App Store or Xbox Game Pass and other supported platforms but also in remote play on PlayStation, Xbox and Steam.

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