Ninja Creami, for ice-cream lovers 365 days a year

According to the data from the Istituto del Gelato, ice cream is a product that 93 % of Italians like, and although summer is the season par excellence, 35 % of interviewees like to consume it all year round. But you know, finding artisan ice cream shops even in the middle of winter is not easy and often the choice falls to packaged products.

Ninja Creami is the Ninja branded 6-in-1 ice cream machine that allows you to make summer's most beloved desserts from the comfort of home and whenever you want.

From the exaggerated ice creams to creamy homemade ice creams, from milkshakes to sorbets, the possibilities for creation are truly endless. Use is very simple: simply fill one of the handy dessert baskets with the desired ingredients, freeze for 24 hours, and then freeze in the machine's outer bowl for just a few minutes.


Ninja Creami allows for a completely user-friendly and customized sweet experience, from those who want an over-the-top dessert to those who are looking for a vegan, lactose-free or low-sugar preparation. Thanks to the Extra feature, you can add your own personal touch, evenly distributing chocolate chips, candies, nuts and crumbled cookies throughout the basket with precision and control.

In addition, for the less creative in the kitchen, there is also a recipe book full of recipes for all tastes; even the most demanding.

Complete with 3 removable dishwasher-safe baskets at the top for easy cleaning and for creating up to 3 different flavors at once.

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