Processor M1 Ultra: a whole new idea of power

John Ternus, Apple's SVP Hardware Engineering, has called it Apple's big step. The new M1 Ultra processor is the natural evolution of the M1 Max because it doubles the transistors and doubles the power: the most powerful chip in the world for a personal computer.
Available on the new Mac Studio, M1 Ultra delivers unprecedented performance by offering innovative processing power. The SoC architecture packs 114 billion transistors - the highest number ever for a PC - and offers a bandwidth of more than 10,000 signals.
Built with exclusive UltraFusion technology, M1 Ultra is the union of two M1 MAX chips. Thanks to UltraFusion technology, it was possible to interconnect the two chips, avoiding the traditional problems of latency, reduced bandwidth and increased power consumption. This keeps the software identification always as a single chip.
The M1 Ultra offers outstanding performance with 16 high-performance cores and four high-efficiency cores. Multi-threaded performance is increased by 90% compared to the 16-core chip with the same power consumption.
This enables developers compiling code or artists working in 3D environments to reach previously unattainable levels.

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